Mold Manufacturing

"It takes the right company to design and build a mold properly"

Mold Manufacturing Artmark Mold and ToolsArtmark Mold & Tool Co., Inc.’s mold manufacturing department specials in the construction of the highest quality, multi-cavitation plastic injection, compression and die cast production molds. All our molds are designed, constructed and warranted to the Society of Plastics Industry’s (S.P.I.) specifications. We utilize o ensure accuracy, repeatability Unlike real estate (location, location, location) there’s more than one reason you need to consider when making your decision. At Artmark Mold & Tool Co., Inc. we offer all three of the necessary components…

  • Uncompromising quality
  • Expedited deliveries
  • Unsurpassed service and value

In today’s economy any business needs to offer their customers all three, and Signature Mold does. We give you high quality through the use of high-tech equipment, a new modern facility, and a staff that will not settle for status quo. Deliveries are expedited through the use of state-of-the-art equipment including high speed / high performance milling, high speed / high quality surface finish edming, System 3R Workmaster robotics, and multi-shift manufacturing.
All our staff believes in offering our customers service above and beyond their expectations.
This philosophy is at the forefront of our organizations success. From sales calls, detailed mold proposals, design reviews, furnished mold designs with each project, weekly progress reports with pictures, to mold deliveries by our owner by truck or our own plane, we do what is necessary to keep our customers happy.